The Ambridge gossip machine gets a kick-start now that Siobhán’s condition is evident to the experienced eye.

Radio Times: There’s gossip about Siobhán’s waistline.

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  • Elizabeth is still shell-shocked by the surprise revelation of just who the father of Siobhán’s baby really is – she is having to apologise to Kathy for being an over-bearing boss in the shop at Lower Loxley. Kathy senses something is ‘up’ but Elizabeth is guarded in response. Siobhán rings to arrange her birthday celebration and Elizabeth suggests she come round this afternoon.
  • Susan calls at Keeper’s Cottage with her sewing machine for Clarrie and she is far more whelmed by Joe’s pony trap than Roy was last week. Jazzer turns up looking for Ed and starts to tell them a joke – it’s a good one, says Susan who’s heard it from Christopher. Jazzer’s brain lets him down though and, unable to remember the punchline, he beats a hasty, embarrassed retreat.
  • Back at Lower Loxley, Kathy and Emma are discussing, work shifts, men and, after she has popped in to the shop for some postcards, Siobhán’s expanding waistline. They put 2 and 2 (or should that be 1 and 1?) together …
  • Later, Susan sees Joe out and about and offers him a lift home but he is busy admiring a pony and says he’s fine. She finishes off Jazzer’s joke for him.
  • Kathy has finished work and goes to collect Jamie – Siobhán is just saying goodbye and Kathy cannot resist asking Elizabeth if Emma’s and her suspicions are true. Elizabeth can only confirm the pregnancy.
  • Emma is waiting for her Mum to come home and let her in. Jazzer is hanging around and they aimlessly pass the time of day until Susan appears. Guess what is the first thing that Emma tells Susan?

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