Joe shares his secret with Shula: he has the loan of a pony to go with the refurbished trap.

Radio Times: Kenton’s read the riot act.

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  • Ruth is in high dudgeon on the phone to Shula – has she seen anything of Kenton? He hasn’t turned in for work, it’s now 11o’clock, she’s going to have to do his work with Ben-in-sling, she desperately needs to go to the supermarket and his life isn’t going to be worth living when she gets her hands on him!
  • Joe is about to polish up a carriage lamp that Ed got at the car-boot sale when Clarrie pops back to put the supper in the oven. He is a bit furtive about his morning movements, but very positive about a phone message from Betty that Clarrie should ring her ASAP.
  • Shula has saved Ruth’s bacon (and thereby Ben’s bottom) by bringing nappies from the supermarket but she doesn’t stay around to listen to Ruth tearing a strip off Kenton when he finally shows up, full of excuses.
  • Back at the Stables, Shula looks out the old harness for the pony trap, much to Joe’s delight. She is really pleased when Joe reveals that he has been promised the extended loan of a pony that she knows, Bartleby. It’ll be wonderful to see her Gran’s old pony trap in use again. Joe asks Shula to keep his plans under her hat, and for another favour on Thursday morning …
  • Jolene has dropped in on Clarrie and admires the delicious cooking smells and Clarrie’s talents on the sewing machine. The chit-chat turns to the wedding arrangements and the honeymoon – Jolene waxes lyrical about Nashville, Pigeon Forge, Grand Old Oprey, etc and Clarrie tries to sound impressed in her ignorance of such C & W hallowed grounds. Then it’s Clarrie’s turn to impress Jolene with the news from Betty (not even from Susan – things ARE moving!) that Siobhán is pregnant! Of course Jolene, Ambridge’s well-heeled answer to Dolly Parton, compounds the story by wondering who the father is. Clarrie’s naïveté is bruised at the thought that it might not be Tim’s baby and Jolene can’t wait to tell Sid!

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