The rumour that Greg is responsible for Siobhán’s condition reaches Helen.

Radio Times: Tom thinks his sausages are a winner.

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  • Tom is strawing down the pigs but Helen urgently needs him to pack salad for the shop. He strikes a deal and she lends a hand with the current job in exchange for his help later. She is obviously taken aback by his plans to check out the sausage competition at the Royal Show and to enter his in the Organic Food Awards. Typical sibling bickering ensues and Helen refuses to say whether Kirsty will be able to have the day off to accompany him. Tom surmises that Helen is prickly (I thought that was her middle name …) about the current Bull gossip – that Siobhán’s interesting condition has something to do with Greg. She laughs – but is she amused, we wonder?
  • Roy happens across Ed bagging compost and they chat about the impending football game. The current lack of action with Dross leads Roy to suggest that Ed should consider taking part again in the Single Wicket competition. He is still sore from his defeat last year and says he’ll leave it to ‘the old blokes and women’! Anyway he’s worried that Jazzer is late turning up and might have had an accident on the dirt bike – but Jazzer confounds him by arriving to a less than welcoming few words from Ed!
  • Peggy is delighted to see Helen and they remind us that Kate and family will be coming over from South Africa soon. She tells her Gran that she will be going to the Royal Show to suss out the cheese competition – not much of a break, says Peggy who thinks Helen looks peaky and works too hard. If Tom can do it, so can I, says Helen. Peggy quickly realises that yet again the competition is mainly between Helen’s cheese and Tom’s sausages and she gently rebukes her motives. Helen appears to take it on board.
  • Tom and Roy meet up in the Bull at lunchtime to ask Sid about arranging the Single Wicket competition, but he has more important things to think about – his wedding. They wonder about asking Alistair. The hot gossip is exchanged and Tom expresses his amazement at Helen’s reaction to the latest Chinese whisper about Greg. Peggy comes into the pub to discuss with Sid about managing it when he is on his honeymoon. They are agreed that they don’t want another Jazzer incident. Dum-de-dum-de-dum-de-dum … Come on you scriptwriters – whatever happened to the cliffhanger endings, or even the interesting ones, we used to have?

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