Jenny, full of plans for Kate’s visit, continues to see Brian through rose-tinted spectacles.

Radio Times: Sid’s feeling old.

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  • Early Wednesday morning and Jennifer and Brian (is it him shaving or her?) are discussing Debbie’s movements for the day. Brian, as usual, doesn’t rate Simon’s treatment of her – he should take Debbie out more. Jenny, as usual, defends Simon.
  • Sid is trying to repair one of the loos in the Bull (Do we need to know this?) ready for Jolene’s ‘Full English or Continental’ breakfast session with England v. Nigeria.
  • Back at Home farm the toast sounds crunchy and the talk turns to Kate and family’s visit. Jenny is as positive as ever and full of plans and ideas. Naturally she can hardly wait! Talking about Nolly’s birth reminds Jenny to tell Brian the rumour going around that Siobhán is pregnant – what does he think of that?
  • Jolene has burned herself frying eggs – Dr Tim is on hand (literally) and earns himself breakfast on the house while he watches the match. Sid’s ‘fantastic’ description of the match was a bit over-stated in my opinion!! He takes a phone call – from Lucy in New Zealand.
  • At the village shop, Shula is scanning the national papers for reports of Theo’s court case yesterday. Much to her relief, there doesn’t appear to be any. Both Pat and Brian agree that three months was a ridiculously short sentence. Sid passes by and reports that he is to be a grandfather but that Lucy won’t be able to make the wedding. Tim also appears so Brian disappears, along with Sid and Pat. Tim tells Shula he is on holiday for a couple of days but has to go to the solicitor’s to swear the divorce affidavit. A big moment for him which, he says, has suddenly hit him.
  • Pat is lunching with Jennifer. She, too, is sceptical but mildly amused about the business rivalry between her children. Jenny eulogises about her plans for the family visit and hopes that she will be able to have at least one afternoon to herself with Kate. They discuss Siobhán’s pregnancy and the rumours about the father. Jenny feels the baby is more likely to be Tim’s. She makes another of her profound utterances of faith in Brian, that thank goodness, the days when his roving eye threatened their marriage are well and truly behind them …

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