The Echo prints an old picture of Alistair and Theo; Joe looks a picture in Doris’ old trap.

Radio Times: Julia has some exciting news.

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  • Quick! Everyone drop everything!! Camilla’s had her baby and Julia needs a lift to Kent immediately!!! Can’t you just imagine the expression on Elizabeth’s face as she tries to explain that, on top of everything else, she has promised to take Siobhán (who arrives and kindly offers to reverse and repeat the process a little later) out for the day. Kenton is dressing the children and has Hobson’s Choice – several hours cocooned in a car with the ‘Duchess’ or the use to which Ruth would put his important little places if he failed to turn up at Brookfield! Why not ask Jack to lend Higgs and the Bentley? Julia approves of this idea! Phew! Your manhood is safe, Kenton, if it still exists … (- ref: ‘Soap and Flannel’ in the Radio Times).
  • Debbie is as busy as ever. (She feels as if she’s doing it all herself at the moment – that must be because Brian is nobly doing his bit elsewhere … who was that who groaned?!) David catches her for a minute in order to confirm his and Ruth’s thoughts that they might not break even this year, wheat prices probably being rock bottom in September. Debbie tells him that news of the drugs court case is all over the front of the Echo, including a picture of Alistair and Theo together ‘looking really chummy’, and asks how Shula is.
  • Joe is claiming his Thursday favour from a preoccupied Shula – the use of her horsebox to fetch Bartleby back to Keeper’s Cottage. She has seen the Echo and has misgivings about the implications. Joe tries to reassure her that anyone who really matters will know Alistair for what he really is and take no notice. He lightens the conversation by mentioning that Roy has taken on the Single Wicket competition and Shula is pleased. Jill is still fighting the cause of the proposed surgery closure.
  • David is setting Kenton on when Julia crosses the cow yard in completely unsuitable shoes – no go with Higgs so Kenton, PLEASE? (Only those of us who heard the actual broadcast can know how apt the bovine noises are after Kenton states that he is currently indispensable at Brookfield and asks, “Isn’t that right, Dave? Dave??” ! It was almost a bit of recording brilliance!) David, toils with his real thoughts but agrees that Kenton is needed and then gallantly shields Julia from most of the outcome of a cow with a lifted tail …
  • Elizabeth and Siobhán are enjoying their trip to another art gallery. Brian has bought Siobhán a beautiful bouquet for her birthday and is taking her out to lunch on Monday.
  • Joe and Shula ease Bartleby into the trap. They both agree that the pony seems made for it and that Doris would have loved to see the restoration. Joe goes for a trial spin.
  • Kenton has managed to crash the hay tedder into a power line pole and bent it. David doesn’t mince his words – he’s getting really fed up with Kenton’s ‘indispensability’ at Brookfield. Kenton retorts under his breath, “You’re not the only one, mate!”

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