Dross are feeling down, Kenton lets the side down and Debbie falls down.

Radio Times: Jazzer’s finding life a struggle.

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  • Three of the ‘Drossers’ are celebrating the end of Ed’s community service with pizza and lager, it would appear, in Jazzer’s bedroom. Fallon tells them all about Sid’s reaction to the prospect of Grandfather-hood and wishes she could meet Lucy, having heard some of the stories about her wilder youthful moments. Dermott hasn’t turned up so they start practising without him, accompanied by some extra percussion on the ceiling below – Jazzer’s Mum is presently watching the soaps …
  • At Brookfield, Kenton hasn’t turned up, surprise, surprise. Ruth and David don’t know why and are irritated, to put it mildly and definitely over-worked. Josh has told Ruth about her surprise birthday present and sworn her to secrecy! They decide to go out for a meal on Sunday to celebrate jointly her birthday and Father’s Day.
  • Debbie, too, is still over-worked. Brian is looking for Jennifer, who has been baking for Britain all week but not allowing anyone to eat it! It’s all in the freezer for Kate’s visit. (We all do that, don’t we?)
  • The practice is not going well – Jazzer and Ed are bickering and Jazzer keeps forgetting the words. Fallon tries to calm things down by saying that they’re all tired, the conditions are against them and they can try again when they find a permanent practice venue.
  • So Kenton has only driven Julia to Kent, after all that!! David has had a bellyful of this and reaches Kenton on his mobile to give him the sack. Julia was so manipulative, pleads Kenton, and he felt a bit sorry for her so stayed overnight in Kent to bring her back again. Is he forgiven? David, with all the brotherly love he can muster, relents. (Why?) Kenton promises never to let him down again, ha, ha!
  • Debbie is still struggling to finish the day’s work and cannot believe that Brian can be so preoccupied with where his sunglasses are. Brian is unable to help her find the adjustable spanner due to some new software, which urgently requires loading. Debbie, in her quest, falls on to a piece of wood with a nail in it which goes right through her boot. She makes it to the farmhouse just as Brian is saying a passionate farewell to his software on the phone. He offers to take her to casualty but she doesn’t relish the thought of waiting around in the company of the Friday night drunks. A bandage will do.
  • Fallon and Ed are worried about Jazzer’s future with the band – his voice is fine but his forgetting the words all the time is not. They conclude that it is still early days, that all they need to do is help him through rehearsals by writing the words down – however the scepticism deep down is evident in their voices.

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