Jazzer’s in trouble with Brenda. Jamie’s in trouble with the school. Harry sorts out all Fallon’s troubles.

Radio Times: Brenda does some detective work and Harry is full of bright ideas.

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  • Brenda is furious with Jazzer for the state he’s left the house in. She orders him to clear up before she gets back from work. Jazzer says it was just a mate and that they were careful not to make a noise. Brenda’s not interested in the details – she just wants a clean and tidy house.
  • Jolene makes a start on clearing up in the Bull garden. Fallon’s sorted out the Harvest supper, but not the entertainment. Harry arrives with a bright idea – an evening of old pub games with a prize for the winner. Not only that; he’d like to start computer instruction for the older residents. Jolene thinks it’s a great idea.
  • When Kathy gets home from work she finds Jamie as uncommunicative as ever. She suggests they put Friday’s escapade behind them – then proceeds to go over the details. Jamie slams out.
  • Jazzer’s clearing up has not been entirely successful; Brenda finds a pair of tights under the sofa. Jazzer tries to talk his way out of it, but Brenda’s not impressed. He’s got to make his peace with his mother or find alternative accommodation.
  • Kathy opens a letter from Jamie’s school. He’s been truanting, his behaviour in unacceptable and his attitude poor. She taxes Jamie with it, but he couldn’t care less. Now Kathy’s got to go and see his Head of Year – and she’s going to make Jamie come too.

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