Kate feels persecuted. Phoebe feels sorry for Nolly. Vicky feels pleased with herself.

Radio Times: Vicky means business and Kate takes offence.

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  • Vicky comes to watch Mike and Ed turn out their 12 new in-calf heifers. Ed seizes the moment to broach the subject of the calves, which will be ready for slaughter in a week or so. Vicky assures him she’ll get onto it immediately.
  • Hayley urges Phoebe to finish her homework before she goes to Home Farm, and reminds her to remember the jacket she left there at the weekend. Phoebe is anxious to point out that it wasn’t Kate’s fault she left it. She tells Hayley about the email from Nolly which upset Kate.
  • Kate is in confrontational mode when Jennifer reminds her not to be late picking Phoebe up. Nolly’s email has indeed upset her, though she brazens it out. But Hayley mentions it when Kate arrives to fetch Phoebe, causing another outburst of rudeness from Kate.
  • Vicky spends the afternoon phoning butchers without success. Mike offers to take her to the Bull for a meal, to cheer her up. Her perseverance pays off at last; a meat processor in Birmingham agrees to see her on Friday to discuss her veal.
  • Kate’s rudeness knows no bounds. Jennifer asks whether she’s changed the anti-virus settings on her laptop; Kate denies it, then launches into a tirade against Hayley. When Jennifer tries to make Kate see reason, Kate turns on her too.

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