Will hears worrying news. Kathy hears worrying truths.

Radio Times: There is an embarrassing encounter at the school gates for Kathy, and Will makes his feelings known.

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  • Will’s less than pleased to hear that Nic is going to the WI meeting, at Clarrie’s suggestion. He’s even less pleased when she tells him the speaker is talking about the Peregrine Falcons that might nest at the church.
  • Brian calls to tell Davis about an NFU member going through a difficult patch with TB in his herd. David agrees to ring him and see if the NFU can offer help. Ruth sets off to pick Josh up for a dental appointment.
  • Will tells Brian he is worried at the thought of Peregrines in the area; they will prey on the partridges. Brian says he’ll talk to Alan.
  • Kathy nags Jamie non-stop, as she prepares for the meeting with his Head of Year. Unsurprisingly, Jamie is defiant and largely monosyllabic. They run into Ruth, to Kathy’s distress, but she gets away with vague talk of a meeting about coursework.
  • As the males of Ambridge enjoy a drink at the Bull, their womenfolk come to find them. First Ruth, who can’t wait to tell David that she’s seen Kathy and Jamie, but doesn’t believe Kathy’s story – then Nic, who’s decided to join the WI, which doesn’t please Will.
  • Kathy announces to an unrepentant Jamie that from now on she will take him to and fetch him from school. At first he laughs in disbelief, but realising she’s serious, tells his mother he doesn’t care. She can do whatever she likes. All he wants is to leave school for good.

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