Jazzer’s not happy about Harry. Tom’s not happy about Jazzer. Ian’s happy for Helen. Helen’s just happy.

Radio Times: Tom and Jazzer have trouble with the pigs, and Helen talks to Ian.

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  • Tom and Jazzer find moving the pigs hard work and Jazzer’s constant moan about Harry doesn’t help. They hear a bang – the wheel has come off the trailer. Tom blames Jazzer for not maintaining it; Jazzer says it’s Tom’s trailer and therefore his responsibility. All Jazzer’s concerned about is his pigs.
  • Nic asks Susan’s advice about making steak and kidney pudding. Will’s seen Jill’s video and recalls his mum’s wonderful steak and kidney. Since Will’s none too pleased about Nic’s extra shifts at the Bull, Nic feels she needs to make him feel loved.
  • Tom rings David, who comes over with a spare trailer, and they resume their moving of the herd, but Jazzer’s not in the best of moods. He goes to the Bull for lunch, and his mood is not improved when Fallon tells him that Harry has repaired the flat-pack furniture Jazzer put together, and that they are going to watch a DVD together this evening. Jazzer invites himself along, ignoring Fallon’s heavy hints that three will be a crowd.
  • Helen tells Ian her news, and they both shed tears of joy. Helen says the baby is very real to her; she knows this is what she was meant to do. Ian’s touched that Helen has told him before telling Tom, but when she rings Tom to tell him, it seems it’s just not the moment.

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