Jennifer books a big trip. Kenton and Jolene are at the start of something big.

Radio Times: Kenton is feeling apprehensive. Meanwhile, Jennifer solves a problem.

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  • Brian is teaching Ruairidh to tie flies, for a fishing trip when the season starts. Phoebe is invited to join them; she agrees but is clearly unconvinced. Hayley has a quiet word with Jennifer about Phoebe’s concerns over flying alone.
  • Kenton and Jolene are on a d… – well, a first time out together and Kenton seems a little concerned about whether it will be a success – and not just the Greek wine tasting!
  • Jennifer talks to Phoebe and hears her anxieties about the return flight, on her own, from South Africa. Jennifer has an idea to resolve her difficulties.
  • The wine tasting goes well and Jolene cheers Kenton no end with the news that she is putting on hold for a while her plans to sell The Bull: life seems to be getting more interesting. They are aware that there will be a few folk in Ambridge who will not be slow to express an opinion when they hear about their romance, starting with Kathy. Sid will always have a place in Jolene’s heart but need not prevent them from having fun together.
  • Brian has a surprise coming. Jennifer and Phoebe have discovered that there are seats available on Phoebe’s flights, so Jennifer has booked herself on them; she is going to South Africa for three weeks. Kate is delighted, Phoebe is relieved and Brian, a few time management issues apart, is quite looking forward to some father-son bonding.
  • Jolene had a lovely time; they both seem quite convinced that there will be more. Kenton has strict instructions to phone or call round in the morning: Jolene wants to be sure this is really happening.

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