The twins pass their exams; David fails again to discuss easing out of Lower Loxley.

Radio Times: Elizabeth waits anxiously for news, while Susan feels insulted.

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  • Over the yoghurt pots, the talk is of birthday picnic food and Clarrie’s shopping trip with Emma, which she reports as alright – damning with faint praise. It seems that Emma takes a lot of notice of what Clarrie says because their choice of girl’s name, Scarlet, favoured for some time by Emma and Ed and Susan too, has now been consigned to outer darkness.
  • David needs some farm supplies before going to Lower Loxley; he is sent on his way with Ruth’s reminder ringing in his ears to speak to Elizabeth.
  • Kenton has held the fort while Elizabeth took the children to school; she hopes they will not worry about exam results, due today. When Elizabeth asks about last night’s wine tasting, Kenton’s reply is very positive – no faint praise here – but rather cryptic.
  • Visiting his daughter and grandson, Tony tries pleading the beginnings of a bad back to convince Helen that it would be useful to have an extra pair of hands at Bridge Farm, so she should move back. She sees through that one! So he tries the truth: she and Henry bring so much joy into their lives and these early weeks go so quickly; if she came back home for a while it would make them so happy and it would help them too. On that basis Helen gives in.
  • David finally has the opportunity to talk to Elizabeth but she is subdued; not, as he supposes, because of adverse exam results – the twins have both passed for the Cathedral School – but because Nigel will never know. She gets very upset and, of course, David finds it impossible to add to her distress.

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