David returns to Brookfield. Helen returns to Bridge Farm.

Radio Times: David has something important to say and Lily tries to tell tales.

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  • Elizabeth continues to throw herself into managing Lower Loxley. She asks David to sort out the Team Chase course, but David is determined to break the news to his sister that he must return to Brookfield. Although shaken by the news, Elizabeth accepts it. She feels she has turned a corner after her tears on Friday.
  • Tom has brought Helen and Henry to live back at Bridge farm. Tony is delighted, and when Helen apologises for her treatment of him, Tony reassures her; he will always be there to care about her. Helen admits she has found single motherhood hard, and is glad to be back.
  • Contrary to instructions, Freddie is in the stables grooming Topper. Elizabeth has a buyer for Topper, and realises Freddie will find another loss hard to take. Meanwhile Lily behaves badly, telling tales, demanding attention and interrupting her mother’s conversation with David. Exasperated, Elizabeth flies off the handle and reduces Lily to tears. Poor Elizabeth feels dreadful.
  • Ruth tells David he has done the right thing; at last they can concentrate on Brookfield. David knows she is right, but is still concerned about Elizabeth.
  • Lewis is also concerned. He tries, unsuccessfully to get Elizabeth to eat some lunch and take a break from work, but she refuses both suggestions. She is worried about the effects of the recession on income, and knows she must cancel the mediaeval banquets, which run at a loss. But she is not looking forward to telling the irascible promoter.

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