Elizabeth faces some big decisions. David is sure he has made the right decision.

Radio Times: Elizabeth takes on a daunting new challenge and David is back in harness.

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  • Pip and David watch the cows going out to graze. Pip is pleased to see David taking an interest in the grazing once more.
  • Kenton makes sure Elizabeth is all right before setting off for Jaxx via The Bull. Elizabeth has had a run-in with Byron Chambers over the cancellation of the mediaeval banquets, but seems to have coped well. Now she has the inquest to worry about; the date has been set for 29th. Kenton says he will speak to David about it, as Elizabeth is worried about bothering him. Kenton will go with her to the inquest, too.
  • David smugly tells Pip that he is sure the Brookfield grazing system is the best. He hopes university will not change Pip’s way of thinking. She intends to keep an open mind about it.
  • Elizabeth has a meeting with the winery owner, and becomes upset when she has to make decisions about the dryness or otherwise of the Lower Loxley wine. She just wants to do what Nigel would have wanted.
  • At Brookfield, Kenton tries to get the clan to support The Bull’s pancake evening. When David challenges his use of the plural form, Kenton insists he is only helping out before he goes to Jaxx. Kenton finds that David knows about the inquest, and that he is worried about Elizabeth, just as she is worried about him. They will all be glad when it is finally over.

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