Fallon gets a shock. Eddie gets a nasty surprise. Lilian gets an invitation.

Radio Times: There is good news for Lilian and a Pancake Day surprise for Fallon.

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  • To Clarrie’s annoyance, Eddie dumps all the compost on the road in order to clean out his van in order to load slabs for a patio job he is doing. Clarrie thinks Susan might be feeling left out now that Emma is playing the good daughter-in-law.
  • Jolene tells Fallon she has changed her night off as she is going out on Thursday. Fallon’s enquiry meets with a certain evasiveness, but they are interrupted by Kenton’s arrival ready for the pancake night.
  • Lilian calls to make Jolene a formal offer for her share of The Bull, but is stunned when Jolene tells her she has decided not to sell. She was at a low ebb when she mentioned it and now she is feeling a lot more positive.
  • Clarrie has left two disgruntled males at home while she does a shift at The Bull. There is only ham and salad to eat, and Joe predicts worse to come. Clarrie has signed up to the Vicar’s Lenten appeal. She will live on simple fare throughout Lent and give what she saves to Alan’s charity. Even worse, she has signed Joe and Eddie up, too.
  • Eddie invites Lilian on his birthday outing to the races and she quickly accepts. She says Matt doesn’t enjoy social events these days, so there is no need to invite him.
  • Fallon is shaken when she interrupts a tender moment between Jolene and Kenton. At the end of the evening she asks what is going on. Jolene tells her they are just hitting it off well and taking things slowly. Neither of them wants to see anyone hurt. Meanwhile Jolene is feeling good about herself again, and has found her old sparkle as she chats to customers. Fallon is not convinced and asks whether Jolene is really sure about it. Apparently she is.

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