Jennifer comes across Lilian and Paul in Felpersham and doubts her motives for seeing him.

Radio Times: Chris and Alice enjoy some domestic bliss, and the game is up for Lilian.

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  • Paul meets up with Lilian in Felpersham. He’s hoping to get more work in the area. But Lilian is really looking forward to having Matt home now the probation visit is over. But suddenly their coffee is interrupted by Jennifer coming across them. Jennifer is instantly suspicious about what is going on, it’s obviously not the first time they’ve met up.
  • Chris and Alice are enjoying playing house in the cottages. And Chris is well up on the gossip. Mr Pullen has demanded his meal for two at Grey Gables turns into two meals for one! And the raffle tickets in aid of the shop are on sale. They have an extension on their time in the cottage but Alice has plans to drive the new arrivals away.
  • Chris and Alice then bump into Pip and Jude having a pizza. Alice is looking thoroughly miserable. She really is going to miss him and Jude says he will miss her too. But he does rather keep talking about the holiday he is going to have without her. Pip is really tearful about the whole thing though Jude seems rather more in control. It’s going to be the longest week of her life.
  • Jennifer is rather startled that Lilian is meeting up with Paul. Lilian claims she is just trying to keep the door open for Matt. But Jennifer thinks she hasn’t thought things through. She is playing a very very risky game and Matt will be furious when he finds out.

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