Alice sneakily wangles another week in “her” cottage with Christopher. Jill gives Pip some advice.

Radio Times: Chris and Alice keep playing house, and Jill has some words of wisdom for Pip.

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  • Pip, relentlessly teased about Jude by Josh, rails at David for not being in Newquay. He doesn’t retaliate but instead suggests starting on her Species Diversity in Grazing Pastures project would get her away from Josh.
  • Jill gives Pip a lift to Grange Farm and points out a trip away is a lot for Pip’s parents to accept after less than three months with Jude. Pip’s got her whole life ahead of her with lots of lovely trips away, there’s no need to be impatient. Pip understands.
  • Later, Jill tells David to remember what Phil used to say in situations like this; “This too shall pass”.
  • Jennifer surprised to find Alice at the Franklin’s holiday cottage. Alice has told them they’re getting a “free upgrade” to Kate’s one so she and Christopher can stay for another week. Mum’s unimpressed. The cottages are similar and the same price so it isn’t an upgrade, they’re part of the business and customers come back year after year because they’re treated with respect, it was sneakily done knowing Jennifer would say no.
  • She’d also rather Christopher didn’t stand at the front door without trousers and Alice may not just pop up to the house for more milk. Instead she must jolly well go to the shop for it.
  • Alice does and comes back with a big fry-up for brunch. She and Chris have another whole week together now.

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