Harry’s full of ideas for improvements. Tony’s spotted Patrick as a potential son-in-law.

Radio Times: Jazzer’s milk round turns sour, and Tony tries playing Cupid.

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  • A Tigger-like Harry, fresh from cycling from Borchester, just gets grumpy Jazzer’s back up at 4:10 in the morning. Harry was there ready to start at the dot of four. His suggestions about improving the loading of the float doesn’t help Jazzer’s mood and during the round he’s suggesting a blog for the farm’s website, and showing what local businesses take their produce.
  • Pat’s concerned Leicester is too far for Brenda to commute; two hours each way. Tony thinks they’re a strong couple and it will only be for a year.
  • Tony has a long chat with Patrick whilst making a delivery to Ambridge Organics. It’s transparent that he’s thinking of him as a match for Helen. Pat’s firmly against; Tony should know how Helen will react. He could be subtle, says Tony. It would be a disaster, retorts Pat.
  • Fallon serves Jazzer his long waited for pint. He tells her of his plan for Harry tomorrow. Mrs Baker’s Sandy. A yappy, snappy, West Highland terrier that goes for your ankles. It took Jazzer weeks to win him, and Mrs Baker, round. See how Hilarious Harry deals with Sandy without warning.

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