Pip plans an overnight trip to check up on Jude. Harry loves dogs.

Radio Times: Jazzer lays a trap for Harry, and where there’s a will there’s a way for Pip.

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  • Jazzer’s anticipating when Harry meets Sandy but Harry makes friends straight away, including with Sandy’s owner Mrs Baker when he rings the door bell. Harry doesn’t realise enquiring about a cream order with someone suffering from high cholesterol was another of Jazzer’s failed plots.
  • Pip’s impolite to Ruth and when Mum goes rings Izzy to tell her that Jude and friends had lots of people back to theirs from the pub last night, including girls! Pip’s worried and couldn’t sleep a wink.
  • They meet in the cafe of the supermarket where Izzy works on the tills. Izzy has a plan. Pip’s to get on a train down there to make sure Jude’s “being a good boy” and stay overnight. Izzy will cover with Ruth by saying there’s a sleepover.
  • Jazzer’s also at the supermarket, as is Mrs Baker. Jazzer’s looking for the gorgeous Francine who he met last night. Her phone number seems to be unobtainable but she said she worked in the cafe here. Izzy puts him straight, no one here’s called Francine and all the cafe staff are middle-aged; he’s been given the swerve.
  • Ted and Peggy have a nice chat about Ted’s upcoming talk at the University of the Third Age. He suggests Peggy goes to U3A but she says she’s too busy with Jack and family. As their visits come to an end, Ted suggests Penny Hassett and the Crown and Cushion’s OAP lunch. This gets Peggy terribly flustered, she really must be going.

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