Jennifer does some plain speaking to Lilian. Helen does some plain speaking to Annette. Vicky is almost lost for words.

Radio Times: Lynda works on her social network.

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  • Jennifer’s irritated with Lilian, who’s still feeling very sorry for herself. Peggy has rung to say she’s had a dreadful night with Jack, and Jennifer needs Lilian to help with Jack while she helps their mother sort clothes for the charity shop. Lilian isn’t at all keen on the idea.
  • Helen’s cross about the state of the bathroom. Jazzer stayed over, had a shower before work and left a wet towel on the floor. Annette made breakfast for him, too, and hasn’t cleared up. She says she will, but Helen delivers a lecture on courtesy.
  • Lilian starts badly by snapping at Jack, who becomes very upset. Jennifer is furious with her, but Lilian points out that Peggy still has the good days to enjoy; Lilian’s got nothing now.
  • Vicky meets Lynda in the shop, and is invited to see her garden. Lynda invites Vicky to join the swap club. Vicky’s delighted – she’s really getting into Ambridge life. They see Matt, and while Vicky is sorry for him, Lynda sniffs that he’s brought it all upon himself.
  • Lilian apologises to Jennifer for her behaviour with Jack, but Jennifer is unforgiving. Lilian humbly says she will pull her weight in future.
  • Vicky admires the llamas and the garden at Ambridge Hall. Then she gets a text. Mike has managed to get her a ticket for the graduation after all. When Lynda asks her to write a blog for the village website, Vicky is (by her standards) speechless with joy.

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