Helen makes an unsettling discovery. Brenda makes an unsettling discovery.

Radio Times: Helen loses her sense of diplomacy.

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  • Jennifer talks to Tony about Peggy. She suspects Peggy has financial worries, though neither of them can understand why. She ought to be very comfortably off despite the recession. Jennifer sympathises with Tony over his back problems; Tony sympathises with Jennifer over the Lilian problem. Jennifer thinks Lilian is there for the duration. Tony comments that Eddie is doing great things at Brookfield. Even David is pleased with his work. Jennifer is sceptical.
  • Roy drops Abbie off with Brenda, and hears how Brenda tried in vain to get Vicky a ticket for Friday’s celebration.
  • When the post comes, Brenda’s appalled to find a ticket marked ‘At the request of Mr Tucker.’ She rings Roy to tell him. He says Mike was just trying to keep everyone happy; Brenda is more inclined to think he’s trying to keep Vicky happy.
  • Brenda’s glad to go and have a drink with Helen, and after the statutory moan about Vicky, tells her all about the graduation. Helen’s not listening, though; she’s spotted Jazzer with his arm round a girl. Despite Brenda’s best efforts to stop her, Helen confronts Jazzer and loudly accuses him of using Annette. Jazzer puts up a robust defence, pointing out that he and Annette are just pals, but Helen’s not having that. She continues to round on Jazzer, who tells Brenda to take Helen away. It’s none of her business.

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