Vicky goes to town for Brenda’s great day. Jazzer hears a few home truths.

Radio Times: Four is a crowd at Brenda’s graduation.

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  • Jazzer complains bitterly to Tom about Helen’s behaviour at the Corn Mill. Tom tries to defend Helen, and Annette, pointing out that she’s young for her age, and despite Jazzer’s behaviour, really hopes for a permanent relationship. He thinks Jazzer should make matters clearer to Annette. Jazzer sees his point eventually, and says he’ll think about it.
  • Helen’s looking tired after her night out, and Annette notices, but Helen doesn’t go into detail. Later she finds Annette scanning her messages, obviously hoping Jazzer will text her. Helen suggests a take-way and a DVD later. Annette seems pleased at the prospect – but then adds ‘unless we get a better offer.’
  • Brenda’s very stressed over the graduation. Vicky makes everyone late by having her hair done, and she’s dressed to kill once again. She and Mike can find only three seats, so Roy has to sit separately. Afterwards Vicky dominates the proceedings, making out, in Brenda’s eyes, that she’s Brenda’s mother.
  • In a quiet moment, Mike gives Brenda a present – a solar powered watch. She’s very touched, and even more so when Mike tells her it’s the proudest day of his life, and Betty would have felt the same.

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