Jazzer dumps Annette. Jim slips deeper into village life.

Radio Times: Jazzer keeps a low profile at The Bull.

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  • Over a drink at The Bull, Mike is sounding out Ed on expanding the dairy business; while agreeing in principle, Ed is not willing to take on more debt until he has paid off some of what he owes to Oliver. When Jazzer appears he gets another earful about doing the right thing by Annette; his phone has been switched off to keep her at bay.
  • Elsewhere in the pub, Annette is sending a text – not the first – and hears the sound of Jazzer’s phone receiving it; so he must be here too! Jazzer calls Ed to help smuggle him out of the gents but is caught in the act by Annette; Jazzer can stall no longer; he must tell Annette that he doesn’t want the same kind of relationship as she does.
  • Mike is considering venues for his second honeymoon and thinks of Belgium. Clearly Vicky has not yet made Mike’s mind up for him.
  • The cricket team won and Jim is full of praise for Adam, thereby damning Alistair who, he claims, never was a natural leader. Clearly Alistair can expect more of this treatment because Adam has asked Jim to help with the scoring in future.
  • Annette is very upset and despite Helen’s best efforts to keep her company, she just wants to be alone.

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