Jennifer is at breaking point. Lynda steals a march on Borchester Life.

Radio Times: Brian looks a gift horse in the mouth.

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  • Jennifer is feeling the strain after yet another broken night with Ruairidh. While Brian is busy on the grain trailer, she takes Ruairidh to the village fete. The only problem is that Ruairidh doesn’t want to go, and makes sure Jennifer knows it.
  • The entire village is at the fete, which is opened with panache by Eddie as the Town Crier. Jack finds it all very confusing, but everyone else has a good time, especially the children who have their faces painted.
  • Ruairidh continues to make life difficult, and when he throws a tantrum in the tea tent, Jennifer finally loses control, and shouts at him. Luckily Adam is on hand. He insists on taking them both back to Honeysuckle Cottage, where he and Ian will entertain Ruairidh.
  • Lynda is delighted to learn that her alter ego, Dylan Nells, has been asked to write a restaurant review for Borchester Life. The only problem is that ‘he’ has to ring and confirm his willingness – so Robert will have to do it.
  • When Jennifer gets home, still upset, Brian is furious to learn that she has left Ruairidh with Ian and Adam. He won’t voice his prejudice, but clearly Brian thinks gay couples are totally unsuitable as child minders. For once, Jennifer stands her ground. She has no problem with it, so why should Brian?

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