Jennifer is still struggling. She really doesn’t know if she’s made the right decision. But Ruairi decides he’d rather stay in Ambridge than go back to his Grandmother.

Radio Times: Alan sets out the house rules.

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  • Alice arrives back at the Vicarage with her first pay packet and tries to offer Alan rent. He is shocked and refuses. Later on he tries to explain that all he meant was he saw her time at the Vicarage as time to sort herself out rather than a more permanent arrangement.
  • Ruairi is playing at Lower Loxley again and Jennifer feels guilty but Elizabeth is pleased to have him. Jennifer says she is still finding it all a strain. She thought she’d won when Brian chose her but now it doesn’t seem like that. Elizabeth still thinks that Jennifer would rather have Ruairi and Brian than to lose him. But Jennifer isn’t sure just now.
  • Lynda is having trouble with her guests. The children have been breaking things and they have complained about the breakfasts. When Lynda comments that there is too much choice on the display in the Lower Loxley shop, Jennifer wonders if it’s Lynda’s fondness for minimalism that is causing the problem with the breakfasts.
  • Brian puts Ruairi to bed after a phone call to his Grandmother. She has told him he can stay whenever he wants and Brian asks if Ruairi would like to go. Ruairi asks if his Mummy will be there and when Brian says no, he’s says he’d rather stay with him.

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