Jennifer is forced to invite Matt and Lilian to Susan’s Christmas party.

Radio Times: It is a difficult day for Phoebe and Vicky is settling in.

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  • Susan pins Jennifer down again, reminding her of their Christmas drinks on Christmas Eve and asks how many of “their side of the family” will be there. Jennifer again finds it impossible to get out of and manages to dragoon Matt, Lilian and Adam to be there. Matt and the Horrobins should be quite a sight.
  • Brian is concerned about taking Phoebe to the airport to see Kate off. Surely it will make her even more upset. Jennifer doesn’t think it matters but he proves to be right and Phoebe is very tearful at the airport.
  • Vicky appears to pick up the processes in the dairy very quickly – rather to Susan’s surprise and some annoyance, but once she get used to the idea she can see Vicky might be quite an asset. They can work and have a good gossip at the same time.

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