Nic manages to keep the peace between Ed and Will while plucking the turkeys.

Radio Times: Nic keeps the peace and Helen considers all her options.

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  • The turkey plucking has plenty of flash points for Will to have a go at Ed. He even has a go at Emma when she is late with the coffee but Nic manages to keep the peace and proves herself pretty adept at turkey catching!
  • Pat and Helen go to her ante natal class and she is still keen on a water birth though seems to accept that she’d have something more high tech if necessary. Ian is still working on the nursery but when Pat suggests Tony might help Helen makes it clear she knows Tony doesn’t want anything to do with the baby.
  • Clarrie is a little unsure about how Vicky will get on in the dairy. She remembers how hard Susan found it when she started and if she is training her…. Well, they’ll find out soon enough.

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