Jennifer is not willing to acquiesce quietly to Brian’s plans

Radio Times: Jennifer is caught bending.

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  • Outside the shop, Jennifer is caught out by Ed and Fallon’s hilarious April fools jape involving a pound coin superglued to the pavement. Jack arrives on the scene and Jennifer agitatedly quizzes him about when she might track down Peggy.
  • Later, Ed is at Grange Farm trying to persuade Oliver to buy a consignment of cider. Having failed in this, he offers to stick his arm down a smelly drain to clear a blockage – and for his endeavours he gets an unasked for £10 reward. Oliver is intrigued by Ed’s reminiscences about life at Grange Farm.
  • Robert is on the phone to daughter Leonie who is after £5,000 to help buy a flat. Robert is sympathetic but Lynda will have none of it.
  • Jack is doing a spot of pruning while he and Peggy reminisce about Nelson. Jennifer arrives, beans simmering and ready to be spilled. After explaning how she is going against Brian’s wishes, she tells them that Borchester Land are proposing to build a huge housing development on the land opposite Ambridge Farm that used to be part of Grange Farm. Jack recalls that George had told him there was a notice in the Echo about a change to the Local Plan. With this new information, he says he will get on to George right away – it wouldn’t do to have Matt Crawford and his cronies sneaking this past the Parish Council!