Lynda and Robert are not getting on well and FMD nears the parish borders

Radio Times: Robert pleads for his daughter.

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  • Lynda plays host to the Save the School meeting (although Robert would rather she hadn’t as he’s quite busy). At the meeting a letter writing campaign is formulated and the irony of the centenary mosaic continuing to be worked on gains much comment. After they’ve all left, Leonie is the subject of more disagreement, with Lynda not supporting Robert’s wish to give her the money she wants.
  • Alistair’s rushing from pillar to post with FMD – although he’s a Brookfield for more gratifyingly mundane matters. He and Ruth discuss Jill and her apparent disquiet at the imminent move – but when she offers to run the holiday cottages, Ruth is more than happy to say yes and reminds her that Brookfield will always hold a welcome for her.
  • After the meeting, Shula and Alistair are en route home when his mobile goes … another suspected case of FMD at Little Croxley … it’s slowly edging toward Ambridge.