Nelson’s obituary is published and Brian wants Jennifer to show full support over the housing development.

Radio Times: Jennifer does not tell the whole truth.

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  • The village is queueing for what must be the most anticipated edition of the Echo in years – Nelson’s obituary. Siobhán is interested as, while she didn’t know him, she’s living in his house. She’s also after a bit of an inside track from Sid into the quiz, she’s a Johnny-come-lately so thinks that she needs a little bit of a hand with the local elements of the quiz …
  • Brian’s full of praise for Jennifer’s work on the obituary, a colourful and varied life – and not a mention of a mail van in sight. He’s happy she had a “project” to work on now Kate and Nolly have left. She’s in no doubt that she’ll be busy over the next few months – defending him and the new development at Grange Farm!
  • The Brookfield milk yield is bearing up and, after a low point yesterday, so is Bert. He had a good natter with Freda on the phone, he’s happy that his garden will be tended and he’s looking forward to a quiz practice on the internet! He and David agree that missing Nelson’s funeral will not be easy.
  • In the pub, the talk is also of Nelson. Sid reveals that he was employed as a stock man at the farm where the mail van robbers hung out, he wasn’t involved but he’s in no doubt that Nelson was …
  • Jennifer’s been on the phone will Kate as Brian comes in. While he might not have been in favour of the development and being rather done over by Matt and the board, he’s a pragmatist and if the council are going to support some farmers being able to build on farm land, he might as well be the one to reap the rewards. Rather forcefully, he reminders Jennifer that he expects her to support him to the hilt.