Cabin fever at Brookfield, Joe is surplus to the Grundy quiz team and David doesn’t want a Brookfield representation at Nelson’s funeral

Radio Times: Kathy’s probation is up.

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  • Elizabeth is concerned for the future of Lower Loxley – they’re having events cancelled left, right and centre. She’ll even have the café do the internal catering rather than contract it out. She’s nervous of having to give the oration at Nelson’s funeral, she’s happy to do it, but pensive of the task.
  • Ed, reckoning there to be money on offer, is keen to whip up a team for the Bull quiz, Eddie and William will be involved, but Joe is surplus to requirements and wanders off to find people to be nice to him.
  • Cabin Fever is kicking in at Brookfield with Bert seeming decidedly down about the amount of time he’s spent there – probably the longest he and Freda have been apart in 40 years. Jill’s sympathetic and, when Bert’s standing by the gate and Joe happens passed, Bert seems unnecessarily joyous at the site. Joe offers to help Bert out with his garden, to get his beans in on time.
  • People are preparing for Nelson’s funeral, Eddie and Clarrie are keen to go, so is Jill but David is rather that no-one from Brookfield goes – they’d be mixing with people from all over, which is just too much of a risk.