Chris and George make an offer on the police house and Jill thinks about continuing to do the holiday cottages.

Radio Times: Will the police house do?

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  • The henhouses are up … finally. In the shop Betty and Susan are discussing the hens – Neil and Betty are getting used to the delays, and with the lack of casual work for their husbands, they’re feeling a little constrained in the pocket.
  • Lots of talk of house moves … Chris and George visit the old police house and, against a few predictions, like enough to put in an offer. At Glebe Cottage Shula is concerned that some of the furniture will not easily be removed, but Jill is happy to take some of it on – after all some of it was Doris’ before Shula’s. Jill, mindful both of David and Ruth’s argument and her own worries about work and boredom, is thinking of offering to keep on with the holiday cottages.