Jill worries for the future over the lack of things to do, while David and Ruth worry about having too much.

Radio Times: A dispute at Ambridge Hall.

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  • At Brookfield the sheep are still clear, but the air is less so as David and Ruth discuss the future. He assumes that they’ll keep the holiday cottages going, but Ruth is less keen on that idea. She would rather be the farmer than the farmer’s wife. Jill interrupts the heated discussion and, later, this only serves to reinforce her worries to Phil about what she will do when they move out to Glebe Cottage. Jill’s happy to be helping with Pip’s lessons, but what will they down when there isn’t a farm to run on their doorstep?
  • Lynda’s having to use up her holiday time but Robert, working at home ahead of the tax year end, really would rather she didn’t bother him with her plans of garden rearrangement and needs for heavy lifting. Lynda’s less happy with Leoni, his first daughter, having rung and him not mentioning what she was after …
  • Debbie is struggling at Home Farm without Bert, but Brian’s happy to be able to roll up his sleeves and help. At Brookfield they’re unsure as to the best way forward, with vaccination seeming like a last resort that needs to be countenanced.