Jennifer keeps a secret from Lilian. Lilian keeps a secret from Jennifer. Brian makes an amazing admission.

Radio Times: It’s a big night for the community shop and Susan faces new challenges.

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  • Brian takes Jennifer on a mystery tour – to view the Edwardian property Lilian had her eye on. Brian is looking for a BL investment, and when Jennifer gushes ecstatically over the very features her sister gushed over the day before, Brian knows he’s on to a winner. It’s not yet on the market, so Jennifer is pledged to secrecy.
  • Susan goes to Bridge Farm where Clarrie instructs her in the art of yoghurt production. Susan is worried she won’t remember it all, but when Clarrie almost forgets to add sugar and Susan reminds her, Susan realises it’s not as difficult as it seems.
  • Pat and Kathy prepare the shop for the grand opening. Kathy has had more than enough of another grand opening – Jaxx, but she does say that Kenton is planning a family trip to New Zealand to see Meriel. That will make up for Sid not taking Jamie.
  • Neil has bought Susan champagne to celebrate the shop opening, and she is magnanimous enough to say that none of it would have happened without Pat. After the grand opening by Peggy, there is much reminiscing, but the evening is crowned by Brian’s admission that he was wrong about the shop and Pat was right; it’s going to be a great success.

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