Matt and Lilian fail to reach an agreement. Harry and Jazzer fail to reach a modus vivendi.

Radio Times: Matt has an eye for a bargain and there’s a shock in store for Jazzer.

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  • Matt and Lilian waste no time in going into business. Matt has heard of two properties ripe for renovation, so they go to take a look.
  • Jazzer’s in a particularly foul mood after witnessing Harry’s cricketing success. He blames Tom for letting Harry win, and hints darkly that Alan’s dropped catch was a fix. Worse than that, he’s sure Harry’s making a move on Fallon, and that she needs Jazzer there to protect her.
  • The first property enthuses Matt, but not Lilian, who refuses to see its potential. Matt points out that the vendor is desperate for a sale, so they could make a quick buck. Lilian stands her ground; she doesn’t like it.
  • Tom brings Pat up to date on Jazzer, the cricket, Brenda’s plans to take a room in Leicester, and his own research into veal and ham pies. He thinks they need an old family recipe. Pat has never made one; maybe Jill would have some ideas. When she updates Tom on Helen’s plans, he finds it hard to sound even remotely interested.
  • Harry spent the Bank Holiday evening helping Fallon, and she’s very grateful. Jazzer and Tom arrive, and when Harry is again the centre of attention with both Tom and Fallon enthusing over his cricketing skills, Jazzer can take no more. He offers to help Harry move out – but Fallon tells him Harry will now be staying until Sid and Jolene return. Jazzer asks how he will manage with a milk round to do; Harry suggests taking a leaf out of Jazzer’s book – pigs and a milk round seem to work. Yes, says Fallon, and a colourful love-life as well. Refusing to be put down, Jazzer offers to help Fallon instead of Harry, but the offer isn’t taken up.
  • When Lilian sees the second property, she’s full of enthusiasm for its period charm. Matt tries in vain to dissuade her, but business woman Lilian stands firm.

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