Tom’s jealous of Peter. Jazzer’s jealous of Harry.

Radio Times: There’s some new talent on the cricket pitch and Tom’s suspicions are aroused.

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  • It’s the day the whole of Borsetshire and probably the rest of the world has been waiting for: the Ambridge Single Wicket Competition. Harry is a nervous entrant, especially when he discovers that Kenton will be commentating. The arrival of Jazzer with his constant sniping doesn’t exactly help, either.
  • Brenda has rung all her workmates to see if anyone has a room to let. Tom tries to sound interested, but when she gets a call from her friend Julie to say that someone called Peter has a room and that Brenda can move in next week, Tom is less than happy. But before he can ask Brenda for details, he has to go and fight it out with Harry for the Single Wicket final.
  • Tom’s anxiety over Brenda causes him to lose to Harry in the final. Alistair is keen to recruit Harry for Ambridge’s team, and everyone except Jazzer rush to congratulate the winner.
  • Tom asks Brenda who Peter is. When Brenda says he’s got a spare room because his partner has moved out, Tom’s really worried. But when Brenda tells him Peter is gay, Tom feels rather better, despite having lost the cricket competition.

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