Fallon rises to a challenge. Plans at Brookfield fall by the wayside.

Radio Times: Fallon has her hands full and David tries to broker the peace.

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  • Jolene’s in a major panic over the New Zealand trip, checking and re-checking the luggage and issuing endless reminders to Fallon. When Bert rings to say that Freda’s off sick, Fallon wisely doesn’t tell her mother. While Pip is at Kathy’s saying goodbye to Jamie, Fallon gives Jolene a birthday present for him – the promise of a day at Edgbaston. Jolene is touched.
  • Eager to start on the joint business venture now that the company is registered, Lilian’s drawn up a list of her investments to use as capital. Matt is impressed and when Lilian says she must pay him a salary, he’s almost lost for words. They head to the Bull for lunch, and to talk plans over.
  • Lilian arrives just in time to say goodbye to the increasingly stressed Jolene. As soon as she’s gone, Fallon breaks the news to Lilian of Freda’s absence. Immediately Lilian buckles down to work. While Fallon cooks Mexican nachos, Lilian fills the punters up with cocktails. It’s a huge success, and Matt tells Lilian how pleased he is to have her as a business partner.
  • Ruth’s plans for a family lunch, and David’s plans for discussing a family enterprise for Farm Sunday are thrown into disarray. Josh is staying at Jamie’s, Pip, ungracious, not to say plain rude, heads for Lower Loxley, and Ben is at Jill’s. So it’s lunch a deux and a slimline Farm Sunday meeting at Brookfield.

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