Jennifer prepares Home Farm for Peggy and Jack’s arrival.

Radio Times: Brenda steps into the breach.

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  • Tony and Tom work non-stop through the day to put up the perimeter fence for the organic weaners arriving soon. Lilian rides by and points out it’s Matt that they’ve to thank for the freehold price dropping. Tony retorts that Matt knows he pushed them to their limit; mortgage repayments will be horrendous.
  • Brian is having to put up rails in the bathroom for Peggy’s arrival at Jenny’s insistence. He’s shocked to hear Jack will be staying too. Peggy will never agree, he argues, she’ll want to return to The Lodge with Jack and perhaps she’ll accept home help this time having been ill.
  • Brenda brings out tea to the fencing boys. Brian arrives and also praises Matt for the price drop. He tells Tom he thinks Gary is away with the fairies and stares into space sometimes, but he’s Tom employee. When he presses for the market survey for prime bacon, Brenda saves Tom, saying it’s underway. She’ll do it as a college project but makes Tom cough up for the cinema tonight in return.
  • Lilian’s helping Jennifer prepare for Peggy’s arrival. Having peeked at the team chase course, she’s glad she’s not taking part; the water jump’s enormous.

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