Peggy agrees to go to Home Farm. Tony agrees to buy Bridge Farm.

Radio Times: Peggy lays down the ground rules.

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  • Bert’s mind is on his forthcoming ploughing match and on the inspirational disc he has just bought. Pip’s mind is on Izzy who has been off school all week and her mood is not improved by David addressing her as ‘Pip Squeak’ – predictably for a fifteen year old. She texted Izzy yesterday but has had no response.
  • Peggy’s mind is on going home and she has seized on the occupational therapist’s view that there is no reason why she should not. Jennifer has talked to her doctor, however, who has some concerns.
  • A decision has been made at Bridge Farm and Tony rings Matt to tell him they are going ahead. Matt’s response is cool but afterwards seems very pleased indeed to have squeezed another £50K out of Tony.
  • Jennifer suggests a compromise – that her mum should convalesce at Home Farm, where she can rest without having to worry about cooking, cleaning etc. The sooner she is better, the sooner she can look after Jack again. Reluctantly she agrees but she makes it clear that she wants Jack with her as soon as possible – and she won’t be fobbed off.

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