Tom piles on the pressure to buy Bridge Farm.

Radio Times: Tom lays down a challenge.

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  • Sponge pudding is a rare treat for Tony; visiting Jack at lunchtime, he is invited to join him. He seems to be getting on well with the staff and he confides that some of them are very good-looking.
  • Jennifer reports that Peggy is keen to discharge herself; she is too angry to listen to reason. She has nothing to do but worry about Jack all day. Pat suggests taking the brochure in to show what The Willows is like but Jennifer doubts if it will make a difference. What are they going to do?
  • Alistair has been cornered into giving Bert some sports psychology; he lost a ploughing match to his arch-rival whom he now thinks is unbeatable. Shula has been talked into helping her mum do the costumes for the pantomime – and Shula has put Alistair forward to take charge of set building. Alistair is actually quite keen. They think perhaps Daniel could also get involved.
  • Back at Bridge Farm, Tony reports how happy Jack is; if only Peggy could see that. Even though Helen is not there, Tom insists on talking about the purchase of the farm; his parents have more or less decided they cannot go ahead and Tom is adamant that they must – the farm is their future, his and Helen’s – so what are they going to do?

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