Jennifer’s website goes ‘public’; Clarrie’s holiday becomes just a dream again.

Radio Times: Eddie will not be moved.

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  • Jennifer is preparing for the website committee meeting. She’s baked two cakes. Peggy thinks a nice tin of biscuits would have done – Jennifer’s looking peaky, she says. Jennifer begs her not to fuss … after all it’s giving her something to do on a damp Sunday afternoon. And there should be a manageable number of attendees. Lynda is first to arrive, and true to form, has already made a list of suggestions and ideas for discussion.
  • Clarrie is about to leave for work. Joe is checking Bartleby’s hooves. Pity he doesn’t have somewhere to run free sometimes – like that bit of land near Grange Farm that’s for sale? Clarrie agrees with Joe that it would be wonderful for other reasons too – like getting rid of all the accumulated machinery, livestock and rubbish from around the cottage. But she can see that plotting-look in Joe’s eye – what’s the catch? Joe convinces Clarrie, that for Edward’s sake, she and Eddie should part with their share of the windfall to buy the land. She reluctantly agrees, says to leave persuading Eddie to her and beats a hasty retreat to the Bull before she changes her mind!
  • The meeting at Home Farm is noisy and full of disagreement, especially from Lynda. Jennifer calls for order and Usha takes the floor, suggesting that only she and Jennifer should have direct access to the site. Joe arrives late, nicely in time for the refreshment break! More arguments ensue, until George takes firm control by advocating the election of officers and the drawing up of a proper constitution …
  • Clarrie offers to treat Eddie to a pint of Shires. How’s his search going for a 4WD? Wouldn’t maybe investing in land be better? Joe and Edward’s found some, see … No way! Eddie’s had a gut-full o’ farmin’ and ain’t goin’ there again!!
  • Jennifer is to be the Chair and Usha, the Treasurer. Lynda puts herself forward for Secretary, but Peggy offers too, and wins the vote. Lynda sniffily and wordily expresses her disappointment, Jennifer thanks the assembly and bids all farewell. The telephone rings and it’s Adam – what a wonderful surprise! (Is he, at last, to have a voice?)

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