Kenton’s job-hunting gives him a new idea for Kathy’s birthday celebration; meanwhile he helps Debbie celebrate her imminent freedom.

Radio Times: Kenton is out for the count.

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  • Kathy is still bemoaning her lack of wheels. Kenton remains happy to help out at any time with any of his selection of borrowed cars – when he knows, of course! She reminds him of his and Nigel’s wine cellar ‘binge’ last Thursday, when Kenton definitely wouldn’t have been available!! Kenton declares that Nigel is now on the wagon again, at least until Kathy’s 50th birthday celebration. She definitely wants NO fuss on that occasion and quickly changes the subject to news of his job interview at the casino – a positive experience, he declares, but no result yet! Now there’s an idea – how about inviting a few friends for a birthday night out at the Gainsborough to celebrate Kathy’s birthday? Kathy doesn’t need asking a second time …
  • Jennifer catches up with Debbie in the lambing shed and is eager to hear how she feels about Adam’s imminent visit. Debbie seems aware of the news but not of the timing. Jennifer reveals that Adam knows about ‘Brian and me and what’s been happening’. Debbie reveals that she let him know via e-mail. Jennifer thinks it is good for all of them that he’s coming home.
  • Kathy is collecting yoghurt from Bridge Farm. She tells Pat of Kenton’s casino plans for her birthday – she’d like Pat and Tony to join them, details later. Pat’s delighted – she could do with something frivolous to look forward to, what with trying to catch up after Christmas and covering for Tom recently. He’s working so hard, too hard. He really should have a night off – Kirstie must be getting fed up. But he’s aiming very high and they couldn’t be prouder or happier that he’s making such a go of it!
  • Kenton happens across a rather tipsy Debbie in a busy, trendy, anonymous pub that is advertising for a bar manager, quietly celebrating having signed her divorce affidavit He offers to take her home in her car – Alistair’s (car) will be quite safe where he’s left it …
  • It’s late, and Brian is surprised that Jenny is still working on her computer. She doesn’t want him peering over her shoulder. But he wants to know more details about Adam’s visit. Jenny just doesn’t know what Adam’s plans are, and resents being given the third degree. She’s tired, is going up to bed, and warns Brian not to wake her when he comes up.
  • Debbie and Kenton are back at the cottage. Kenton has continued to ‘hit the bottle’, though the quality of Debbie’s whisky leaves much to be desired. Strong, black coffee is definitely what is needed, but before Debbie can provide it, Kenton passes out completely.

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