Tom certainly isn’t in Kirsty’s good books; Kenton continues to be in nobody’s!

Radio Times: Tom’s mind is elsewhere.

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  • Building work is in full swing again at the Stables after the peaceful Christmas break. Alistair tells George that they hope to be finished by the end of February. And how’s the website going? George has a one to one lesson with Jolene this afternoon … ! Kenton eventually arrives on the scene, late for work – again! Alistair accuses him of getting drunk with Nigel – again!! then asks about his car. He had a call-out during the night which involved a long walk up a muddy lane, so he’s not best pleased that the car still in Borchester – and don’t bother Kenton – Shula will drive him to retrieve it! (in other words, get on with some bloody work, why don’t you!) Oh, and don’t ask to borrow his car again as a refusal might offend …
  • Roy rings Tom to remind him about Brenda’s birthday starter – early cake and sparkly in the Bull before they all go on to Borchester or Felpersham. Tom will come to the Bull but no further as he needs to be bright, convincing and well-prepared first thing tomorrow for his meeting with the bank’s business manager.
  • Kathy is on her way home early from work, via the Bull, to wait for a builder – her roof leaked into the bedroom last night. Could Sid collect Jamie from school please? Jolene will pass on the message and Kathy tells her about Kenton’s casino plans for her 50th birthday. Roy pops in with Brenda’s birthday cake for later. Apparently it’s come from Daph’s caf – a popular greasy spoon with the Radio Borsetshire staff, which just happens to be closing down soon (did you note that for Kenton, Kathy? ). George arrives for his computer lesson with Jolene, who teasingly turns on all her seductive charms – much to his confusion and embarrassment!
  • Kenton eventually turns up at April Cottage and Kathy tears him off a strip for not being there last night as she had expected. She’s fed up too, that the builders haven’t arrived, so Kenton wheedles his way round her, without mentioning where he spent the (comatose) night, by promising to find her a decent builder.
  • Brenda’s birthday celebration is in full swing at the Bull. Roy can’t persuade Tom to join them for the rest of the evening but does promise to give him a hand with his business plan – it was all part of his degree so he knows how to do it. Elsewhere in the pub, Alistair catches up again with Kenton. Kenton is pleased that Alistair’s car was just where he’d left it last night. Yes, with a wheel clamp on it was hardly likely to have moved, was it?! And £75 it cost Alistair to release it … !
  • Jolene has obviously noticed Kirsty’s displeasure that Tom won’t be going on with the partygoers. He goes over to talk to her, but returns almost immediately, reporting that she’s sulking. No matter – he’ll ring her tomorrow – she’ll come round …

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