Joe loses his first jottings with one click of the mouse; Kirsty makes her own arrangements for Friday;

Radio Times: Pat and Tony are gobsmacked.

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  • Ed is niggling on to Joe about losing the land they want to buy if Eddie won’t be persuaded not to spend his money on a 4WD. Joe thinks Clarrie will manage to convince him, even though Ed feels she should be buttering him up, not winding him up by just giving him cornflakes for breakfast as she did this morning. Fallon turns up to arrange a Dross practice for later on – they need to be getting on with their song for the Radio Borsetshire competition. They decide to meet at the Bull at lunchtime and help Joe with his ‘jottings’ in the Cyber Café at the same time.
  • At Bridge Farm, Tony is pulling leeks out of wet, deep mud when Pat brings welcome coffee to thaw him out. She tells him that Helen and Greg are coming for supper sometime this week – they are fed up with Brian over Greg’s end-of-season bonus which was about half what they expected. Tony utters a few choice words about Brian’s attitude to money! Kirsty has been on the phone too. Pat thinks she’s feeling neglected by Tom and that he doesn’t seem to be handling (!) her at all well at the moment. Tom arrives home from seeing the Bank Manager and reports that the meeting went really well.
  • In the Bull, Fallon and Ed are working on their song while Joe ‘word produces’ Joe’s Jottings for the website. He’s convinced he knows all about everything to do with computers – not like that beginner George Barford! Fallon patiently keeps him on the right track until he makes a start on next week’s instalment, and saves it without renaming it – thus losing all of this week’s work – pride comes … and all that, Joe! Kirsty turns up to arrange her shifts closely followed by Tom, who suggests they talk. He apologises for being such an idiot and suggests they go out on Friday. How about tonight, suggests Kirsty? But Tom needs to work out some more figures with his Mum and Dad, so Kirsty declares she’s busy on Friday – and it’s nothing to do with him! Fallon is green with envy and decidedly bitchy about Kirsty’s pulling power – it appears that immediately after telling Tom where to get off, she has managed to arrange a date with Chaba for Friday!
  • The bank manager has asked Tom to produce a proper business plan. He intends to look at possible premises for his enterprise this afternoon, and then phone around for quotes on the processing equipment. Pat and Tony can’t believe what they are hearing – surely he’s going to sub-contract the actual processing? No, Tom wants room to expand as business increases, this is just the start. He knows his business plan will all add up – he’ll show it to Mr Sutton next week and prove that the finances are sorted and he’ll be away. All he needs now is for Pat and Tony to do their bit – financial support to the tune of £60-65K … ! Needless to say, they want to know what guarantees Tom has from the supermarket that they will continue to want 300kg a week? Pat says they will have to think about it very carefully, but Tom’s enthusiasm is in no way dampened – when he’s finished his business plan he knows they’ll be convinced, like him, that it’s a winner!

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