Jennifer sorts out her hurt feelings. Ruth discovers some hurt feelings

Radio Times: The truth hurts for Brian and Elizabeth.

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  • Adam is worn out from shouldering the burden at Home Farm in Brian’s absence. He’s agreed to hold a barbecue for the fruit pickers, but Jennifer has forgotten to pick up the burgers, Adam says he’ll go over to Brookfield to fetch them.
  • At Brookfield, Ruth is annoyed because the milk figures show that Eddie is a better milker than she is. David tries to calm her down, but Ruth is really hurt by it.
  • Brian returns from Dublin, looking awful. He asks after Alice, but is too tired and worried to listen properly. Jennifer is genuinely concerned, and fusses over him. But Brian insists that he must go and tell Elizabeth that Siobhán is dying; it can’t wait.
  • Elizabeth is devastated by Brian’s news, and says she’ll go to Dublin as soon as possible. Brian seems relieved to know this.
  • Jennifer confides to Adam that even though she knows Siobhán is dying, she still feels jealous and hurt. Her head tells her that she should have left her philandering husband long ago, but deep down she knows that she stayed because she loves him.

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