Siobhán has only one need – a secure future for Ruairidh.

Radio Times: Brian gets some parental training.

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  • During their trip to the zoo, Brian has obviously spoiled his son and is suitably admonished by Siobhán. Ruairidh is impressed by tales of the Home Farm maze that has walls which will take two months to grow. Siobhán is due a visit from an old school friend; after that Brian must go home.
  • The patient is being difficult – not eating her soup; when Brian urges her to keep her strength up her retort is “for what?” Claire did not do her any good: instead of talking about happy times, she was very upset and held Siobhán’s hand. What she really needs is to know, absolutely without question, that Jennifer has come round to taking Ruairidh; Brian must go home and get Jennifer on side. Then she can …    She sends him away with a kiss, perhaps the last one.

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