Jennifer tells Brian ‘no’. Brian reports ‘yes’ to Siobhán.

Radio Times: Brian becomes flexible with the truth.

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  • In the milking parlour, Eddie seizes the opportunity to pump Ruth about Bert’s practising for the Town Crier competition. He doesn’t really fear Bert but Derek Fletcher is taking it very seriously. Eddie will do the milking this afternoon too, so the Archer family can go on a picnic.
  • Tom wants to show Brian his latest sales figures, broken down by region and showing some interesting trends. Brian has other things on his mind and when Jennifer re-appears his interest evaporates completely.
  • Jennifer points out that they are growing old – too old to take on a young child. The whole world will know about Brian’s affair; Alice will know. She admires him for wanting to look after Ruairidh; she has tolerated his support for the child in the past but this goes far too far. No, she will not have Ruairidh becoming part of their family.
  • Brian visits Siobhán at Lower Loxley; he is pleased she is out of that hotel. He reports his discussions with Jennifer, especially the bit about her admiring him, but the conclusion he tells is not the truth – it’s what she wants to hear, needs to hear: he is Ruairidh’s father and the boy will always have a home with him – Jennifer said ‘yes’. She can start her treatment and forget everything else.

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