Jill cannot wait to get back into her home, although Shula isn’t so sure about leaving hers for their camping trip!

Radio Times: It is time for present laughter.

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  • Shula is receiving lots of presents from her thoughtful parents, a book and a tape for the journey and a scented candle for the mosquitoes; Phil is clearly not envious of her camping. How much has changed since a year ago; she is so happy with Alistair. But now she must rush over to Brookfield to collect Daniel.
  • Over breakfast at Brookfield the talk is of the fete and how Thor’s wayward axe gave Mr Pullen a close shave on its way to Eddie’s van window. By the time Shula arrives the talk has turned to the economic woes of the pig farmer but teasing her about camping is much more fun. Still, it will all be worth it to see the eclipse. Keep saying it, Shula.
  • Jill is struggling with the oven in her temporary home; perhaps she has been uncharitable about Ruth’s cooking in the past. Meanwhile at Brookfield, Ruth is collecting compliments for not having spoiled a single lunch since her parents arrived.
  • Shula arrives back in search of Daniel’s “mussie”, a rather grubby square of muslin without which sleep is apparently impossible. David owns up that he saw Josh playing with a filthy piece of cloth and put it in what seemed the most appropriate place – the incinerator. Calamity! In the long run it might be for the best, since he is about to start school.
  • Later on Jill and Phil are mulling over the day’s events. Solly and Heather got away, so did Shula and Alistair eventually. Kenton had left a message while they were out; he said he and Mel had been out celebrating but Jill wonders, the way mothers do, whether all is well. Neither she nor Phil are keen to be in Australia for the millennium as Kenton suggests. Jill is determined to be back in Brookfield – and soon!

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