Jack’s decided that retirement beckons (again), which is music to Brian’s ears (unlike the news Debbie’s current beau)

Radio Times: Will Jack and Peggy be Darby and Joan?

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  • Peggy is continuing to apply sustained pressure to persuade Jack to retire, culminating in a bit of moral blackmail about him putting Grey Gables before her. The offer of lunch out is intended to counter this but it is to be at Grey Gables, where else? First, Jack is to see the doctor and then has “things to do”.
  • Debbie’s confession of tiredness is a cue for more digs from Brian about late nights with Simon but Debbie will not accept a lecture while she is not letting him down in her work on the farm. Jenny defends Debbie’s decision to put the lamb marketing on hold until after harvest because nobody has time. She believes that the fascination with Simon will not last long.
  • Jack arrives a little late for lunch and reports that the doctor has advised him again to take it easy and reduce stress levels. He has been thinking about this and earlier has visited the village shop and the Echo, both of which run fine without him. As for Grey Gables, of course Caroline has everything covered. So he is not needed and can retire properly.
  • Greg risks getting his head bitten off twice in one day by cornering Brian about his position. 16 hour days running two shoots cannot go on indefinitely. Brian agrees to have a word with Jack but is reluctant to push it too hard; the decision to give up his beloved shoot must appear to be Jack’s idea. Jenny interrupts to report a phone call from a slightly tipsy Peggy with some very good news. Brian agrees but not out of concern for Jack’s welfare; rather, he is delighted at the prospect of the Grey Gables shoot dropping into his lap.

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