Tommy’s committal goes smoothly and Brian’s raising some eyebrows.

Radio Times: Tommy may be bailing out.

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  • It is the day of Tommy’s court appearance and Pat is anxious, even though it is expected to be a very quick and simple matter. Usha thinks it is worth trying to get the reporting bail condition lifted but there is no chance of getting the association condition changed.
  • Peggy is nursing a headache, probably from celebratory champagne. It has not been improved by a phone call from Jennifer to say that Brian is bent on confronting Jack about his plans for the shoot, knowing full well that he hasn’t got any. Jack has started a traumatic desk-tidying operation so his heart is to be spared any further stress; Brian must be stopped.
  • The court appearance goes as expected and Tommy is committed to stand trial at Felpersham Crown Court on 21st September. He need not report to the police any more but he must observe the other conditions; he must stay away from witnesses or other activists.
  • Jack is finding it a wrench throwing away his past, so a visit from Brian seems a welcome distraction; Caroline’s efforts to fend him off are futile. Oozing insincerity, Brian queries Jack’s plans for the shoot and concludes from his brave face that Greg could soon be pulled out of Grey Gables. Panic! Jack has not yet approached the man he has in mind, so Peggy later lowers his stress level again by gently encouraging him to get on with it.
  • Outside the court, Tommy snatches an opportunity to phone Kirsty. Bail conditions or no, he is going to see her tomorrow.

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